Welcome! Of Milk and Honey is home to a variety of bath & beauty products, all of which are handmade using pollinator-friendly ingredients, including pesticide-free organic oils and butters, beeswax and honey from our own hives, organic fruit and vegetables, and 100% natural mineral colors. We also stock a variety of products made by bees and for bees, such as Bees Wrap sustainable food wrap, our own raw honey, and native bee raising kits. We're helping protect the life that sustains all of us because we support the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation. Our products are available year-round in our online shop and locally at several small business locations. Simply choose either the Body Shop or the Bee Shop from our menus to view and purchase products. Click on the More tab to see which retailers are currently stocking our products. You can reach us anytime by clicking the Contact link on the bottom of any page.