My goal is to get your items to you safely, quickly, and for the lowest cost possible. The cost to me of shipping small, sturdy, lightweight lip balms will be very different than shipping bulky, fragile bath bombs. I have made my best effort to show you accurate shipping costs. But sometimes, depending on the items you order, I might be a bit off. Some businesses seem to make more money off their shipping fees than off their product! I don't want to run that sort of business, because trust and respect mean too much to me. So here is my promise to you:

If it costs less to pack & ship your order than you were charged, and the difference is $1 or more, I will refund you the difference. As soon as I pack your items and pay the postage I will compare my cost to what you were charged. If I didn't charge enough - you win! I will pay the difference. If I charged you too much - you win! I will automatically issue you a refund.