Bee Defender Parasite Trap


Bee Defender Parasite Trap


An easy and convenient way to trap certain wasps which act as parasites on your mason and leafcutter bee cocoons. Traps both the mono wasp, which attacks mason bees, and the pteromalus wasp, which attacks your leafcutters. Wasps are lured to a pheromone through a fine mesh bag, where they get stuck to a glue trap. The mesh holes are very small, allowing the wasps to get to the glue trap, but not your bees.

The Bee Defender comes with:

  • 2 Glue Sheets (1 per season)

  • 2 Black Lures (for spring/mason bee season)

  • 2 Green Lures (for summer/leafcutter bee season)

  • 1 Mesh Bag with rubber band closure to hold the glue trap

  • Instructions

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