Honey Sticks


Honey Sticks

from 2.50

100% natural honey in a convenient (and fun!) package. Delicious alone, but they are also great for tossing into your backpack, refueling the kids after sports practice, or serving with tea, fresh fruit, or plain yogurt. Our honey sticks contain no dyes, artificial flavors, or preservatives of any kind and are produced in Oregon. Flavors include:

  • Wildflower - 100% natural honey from a variety of floral sources.
  • Clover - 100% natural honey made from the nectar of clover blossoms
  • Blackberry - 100% natural honey made from the nectar of Pacific Northwest blackberry blossoms
  • Lemon - 100% natural honey blended with pure lemon essential oil and citric acid

Each flavor is sold in bundles of 10 sticks for $2.50. Order the variety pack and receive 40 total honey sticks (10 of each variety) for a discounted price of $8.00.

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How to open honey sticks:

Simply pinch or bite the two corners together, and the seam will pop open! No scissors required.